a few words about us

Guru Kripa Group of Company Gurukripa industries was established in the year 2009 by the founder SHRI ASHOK KUMAR AGRAWAL with the aim to improve the quality of water storage and water distribution system in India at affordable price.

Today, we are able to serve in millions of agricultural lands and households. Gurukripa studies the need of the market continuously and aims to develop their products accordingly with social welfare.

Why gurukripa industries

We are able to gain confidence and trust of our millions of customers with our cost efficient products and quality that is processed with modern technologies and methods. The top leadership of the company focuses on providing better services and studies the market continuously. We are expanding our product range consistently and continues to stand on our customers' trust.

Vision & Values

Currently, gurukripa is a leading manufacturer of water distribution and storage system in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Our vision is to grow and serve all over the country with our quality products.


Our efforts in pursuit of excellence and better quality products, we highly focus on research and development.


Our belief is to continuously innovate, we tend to introduce modern technologies and methods.

Cost efficient

We value every penny of our customers and this is the reason we focus on quality products at affordable price.

Social welfare

Besides business, we tend to focus on social welfare and involves in social work continuously. Our goal is leave the world better than we got.