Column pipe


  • Rigid construction & durable.
  • Specially designed square threads have very high load holding capacity & threads do not get corroded, rusted or deteriorate even up to 25 years. special rubber seals are provided with the thread to ensure 100% leak proof at high pump pressure.
  • Internal surface of these pipes are very smooth, resulting in very low head loss due to friction & water discharge is increased up to the maximum of 30%, when compared with traditional G.I. pipes.
  • These pipes come in 3m Standard length and are light weight ensuring easy handling during installation & removing process.
  • Because of its light weight characteristic & special square thread design these pipes can be tightened easily using bare hands itself, evicting the use of pipe wrench.
  • Column Pipes are a modified version of conventional PVC Piping System, no plasticizers are added, which makes them incredibly strong and stiff in nature. The systems undergo stringent testing under critical field conditions to meet or exceed the mentioned load bearing capacity
  • uPVC Column Pipes have a high tensile load capacity which makes them perfect for underground operations as they can bear much forces than a regular PVC pipe can. In addition, uPVC pipes are designed to be more rigid and stiffer resulting in more durable life & resistance to structural failure unlike other branded uPVC Piping Systems or regular PVC pipes.

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