rotto moulded water tank


More Strong

The additional third layer makes it more strong like a rock structure with bolder ribes support stability and reduce bulging when the tank is full.


Food Grade HDPE material ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with the tank.

Keeps Water Fresh

Airtight threaded lid ensures that the content of tank is free from dust and flies.

Uniform Wall Thickness

The Latest evolution of Blow Mould Technology goes a step ahead of its predecessors. It re-examines the frame structure with consistent wall thickness and thereby allows even more effective balanced weight of whole tank.

Plumber Friendly

Multi outlet options along with inlet and overflow configuration help plumbers in easy connections.


Redical exteriors are complimented by the inteligent design which optimizes superior performance and ensures adaptability to various conditions.

Rotto Moulded
High Density Poly Ethelene

Water Storage Tanks


Capacity Outer Diameter Overall Height Main Hole Diameter
1000 Ltr. 1100 mm 1350 mm 400 mm
500 Ltr. 860 mm 1050 mm 400 mm


  1. Available in premium white colour.
  2. This blow mould tank comes with special design and made to perfection by our expert team members.
  3. Food grade material
  4. Keeps water cool and fresh.
  5. Tough layers.
  6. 3 special layers which add protection and strength to the tank
  7. Perfect design for home and commercial buildings.

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