HDPE Pipes and coils

Advantages of HDPE Pipe

  1. Light in weight
  2. Flexible
  3. Besides having a plastic based component it is quite formidable like steel and iron
  4. Coating of HDPE Pipe is quite smooth
  5. Capable to resist from environmental thrust and crack
  6. Can protect from frost and rodent
  7. Hygienically safe
  8. Easy to install and handle
  9. Least chance to conduct heat
  10. Abrasion free
  11. U.V. stabilized

Some important uses of HDPE Pipes are as follows

  1. In sewage pipe system
  2. Potable water supply system
  3. Food and dairy system
  4. Irrigation system
  5. Domestic system
  6. Gas and oil transmission
  7. Telephone cable set up

APPLICATION : Water Supply, Lift Irrigation, Drip Main & Distribution Pipe Line, Chemical, Fertilizer, Food & Diary Plants pipe lines instead of metal or cement pipes



RANGE DIA. : 20mm to 160mm OD

STANDARD : IS 4984 : 1995

GRADE : PE 63, PE 80, PE 100

COLOUR : Black

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